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Abused children live in silence.
We can help them.

We carefully select and train our volunteers. Begin your application here.
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Make Change!

We use debating strategies, giving voices to those who need them most.
Apply today and help us Rescue the Voice.

Here's the problem

These people are closed and inhibited. 1.6 million homeless youth, 6 million abused children, and 2.1 million orphans. All within the USA alone.

1.6 Million Homeless Youth
6 Million Abused Children
2.1 Million Orphans

Our approach

These kids need an opportunity to share their voices. Right now, they're afraid to speak. They watch their peers in silence. This extends beyond their individual circumstances -- these children have become closed and inhibited.

We need to impassion them to open up and share their thoughts.

Learning from Debate

We've seen the opposite trend in our high school classrooms. Kids engaged in debate and mock trial stand out from the rest. They can't resist sharing their thoughts.

Debaters aren't afraid to share their voices. Through our specially designed curriculum modeled on speech & debate techniques, that's what we hope to share.

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Where you come in — Apply

We can only do this with your help. We can all make a difference. Let's give these kids what they need.


Apply as a volunteer, the most integral member of our organization. You'll work directly with children, bringing smiles and changing lives


Looking for new opportunities for your organization's children? Apply as a partner and arrange to have Rescue the Voice come to you.


Want to join the mission, but uncertain where to begin? Join as a supporter and we'll let you know how you can contribute.

Current Partners

The Team

We've developed a network of top debaters and dedicated volunteers. Learn about the founders who started it all.

Joshua Meier – Executive Director

Joshua has a broad range of interests including science, history, entrepreneurship, and ancient Hebraic texts. Whether it’s giving TED talks to thousands of people, presenting new app ideas to investors, or analyzing the cadences of ancient dialogue, each of Joshua’s interests finds common ground in speech and debate. Joshua’s contagious passion for science has led him to win top awards at the Siemens, Intel, and Google Science Fairs.

Erin Kim – Chief Executive Officer

Debate transformed Erin from the shyest child in her classroom to the captain of the league’s #1 debate team. While leading volunteer efforts at local organizations, Erin noticed a common trend among the children with whom she worked: a lack of communication skills. Recalling how debate transformed her life, Erin was moved to apply her skills to help others. Erin has been internationally recognized by DECA for her wide-ranging business skills.

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